Software And Its Types

A modern computer, whether it’s a portable, desktop, server or mainframe (a supercomputer for organizing centralized data storage of large capacity and performing intensive computational work) consists of two equal components – hardware so-called. Iron ( -hardware ) and software so-called software ( software ). Equipment is just a pile of metal without programs that control it, create a human-computer interface, help solve all tasks on the PC, provide convenience and functionality to the computer, and there are programs through which other applications are created.

Service level (additional system software) – programs within the OS for diagnosing and automating the work of checking, setting up and configuring the computer system.

Software development is a complicated process, the primary purpose of which is to create, maintain code that ensures the required level of reliability and quality.

Software development tools – a set of techniques, methods, techniques, and a set of tool programs (compilers, application/system libraries, etc.)

 Software For The Intended Purpose Is Divided Into:

    1. The basic level (firmware) is those programs that are responsible for interacting with the necessary hardware and stored in individual ROM chips. These programs are also called drivers, and their combination forms a primary input-output system (BIOS). Usually, the BIOS chips in the BIOS in the PC are located on the motherboard.
    2. Operating systems (OS)- a set of programs that provide interaction of other programs with necessary applications, hardware and give a computer management interface to a person. The operating system consists of a) I / O programs b) programs for managing the file system and scheduling the computer task c) a command language processor that accepts, analyzes and executes commands addressed to the operating system. As examples of modern OS, you can bring various Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, Seven, Pocket PC, Windows CE), MS-DOS, developed by Microsoft, Unix like OS (Unix Ware, Sun OS, Solaris, BSD, Linux) from various manufacturers and freely distributed, OS / 2 and its modifications from IBM, Mac OS and Apple derivatives, OS for handhelds, mobile devices (Symbian OS for example) and many others.

Software Development Tools

The main stages of software development are singled out and characterized. For each step, the means that can be applied to achieve the objectives of the scene are described and described.


Before you start to consider the development tools that can be used to create programs, you need to determine the basic concepts, terms that will be used in the article. By the subject matter of the report, the necessary condition for us, of course, is “program development tools.” In the field of software development, this definition may read as follows:

Software development tools – a set of techniques, methods, techniques, and a set of tool programs (compilers, application/system libraries, etc.) used by the developer to create program code of the Program that meets the specified requirements.

To achieve the primary goal of software development, software development tools are used.

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